Professional Recruitment

We have been successful identifying direct hire professional resources for companies. Our focus is to provide clients with the right professional at the right time for direct hire opportunities.
Our Expertise

We Have More than 20+ Years of Executive Recruiting Experience

Our Unique Approach

Targeted recruiting not just the right skills but making the right cultural match

A Well-Defined Collaborative Approach

We work closely with the hiring manager throughout the sourcing and recruitment process tailoring the approach as needed

We make it easy

We Schedule the Interviews

for the hiring manager in addition to a 10 minute debrief with the hiring manager after the candidate interviews so we can adjust our sourcing/recruitment efforts if necessary.Hiring managers will receive 3-5 written references whom we have personally called whom the candidate has worked with or for in the past.  The references can include questions the hiring manager may want to know in addition to the standard questions we ask. 

What differentiates us?

Our tailored, unique approach

We source candidates based on not just the skills a client needs but also based on the right cultural match for the organization.We only present candidates who have been extremely vetted.  When candidates are presented to a client, a full-write up to include the motivation, the fit both skills/personality, the educational background/certifications, the reason they left each position, the availability to interview, answers to questions the hiring manager wanted to know up front, where he/she lives, salary expectations and resume is sent to the hiring manager. 

We provide complimentary market salary data specific to the organization/position

All of which is on a contingent basis (clients don’t pay until they hire someone into the position that we have presented).  We have a 98% success rate in filling a position with the right candidate!